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Here When You Need Us During COVID-19

Many people are already irrevocably engaged in the real estate process. For example some families have sold their homes and need to find their next.

Therefore we are continuing to work to assist our clients in the sale or purchase of their homes. But it is not business as usual.

For those of you who have sold your home and are awaiting pending closings the good news is that lawyers, banks and land registry offices are still permitted to operate and work to close deals. Movers are also on the list of essential services.

If you are considering the sale your home for whatever reason, we can offer you some market data that may help you make a determination. So far the average selling price of a home in Simcoe County has not declined, and has in fact continued to rise substantially. We are happy to provide detailed information specific to your location upon request.

As we said, it’s not business as usual. Here are the things we are doing to adhere to directives from health officials to minimize interpersonal contacts and maintain social distancing:

  1. Virtual Market Evaluations – Skype or Facetime are great digital tools that allow you to give us a tour of your home so we can see it first hand and give you an accurate and honest estimate of its market value. 
  2. Virtual Showings – As we mentioned above, we can take you through pretty much any listing anywhere without you needing to leave the security of your home as long as there’s enough bandwidth or cell signal to connect us to you.  
  3. Controlled Access  – If an in-person visit is absolutely necessary, as in prior to making an offer, we will co-operate with all parties to make sure that homes are clean and surfaces wiped and disinfected, and that visitors to homes are gloved, and do not touch surfaces and objects inside the homes. For agents and visitors we will apply the Province’s Self Assessment protocol.
  4. Digital Paperwork – We already do a majority of our contracts and offers using secure digital signature technology. Now we will do all document work digitally, to eliminate the need for multiple people to touch the same document.

The message from health officials and government leaders from all three tiers is clear – we have to do everything we can to maintain rigorous social distancing and prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

If you have specific concerns about how the current situation may affect your real estate plans or would like to have a virtual appointment, it’s as easy as booking time with us on the opposite page.

And finally a sincere thank you to all our front-line health care personnel, and to all the people working hard to make sure we can get food to our families’ tables.

Stay safe.

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