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Krystel Weening

Krystel Weening

Real Estate has always been in the cards for Krystel. She made her first home purchase at the age of 20, so her passion for real estate is genuine! Since then she and her husband James have owned a number of homes – buying, renovating, and then selling the finished product. Along the way, her friends began to notice that Krystel has a keen eye for what will help a home sell, so they began to ask for her help.It was pretty much inevitable that Krystel would pursue her professional qualification and become a licensed Realtor.With a natural inclination for design and a first-hand understanding of both the buying and selling process, Krystel loves all aspects of real estate. But above all, she loves finding that next place of sanctuary for a family, where they can continue to unfold their story.
position: sales representative